Good Monday Morning!

The weekend saw an return to Winter type weather.  April is always interesting in our area, so look for more Spring and Winter weather to come.

The mortgage loan situation  continues to become tougher.  Lenders programs have been significantly reduced and many loan s that were easy to get just a few months ago have gone by the way side.  Interest rates continue to be well under 6% for 30 year fixed financing, but obtaining these loans can be a chore in some cases.  Now more than ever it is important to go to a good reputable lender.  Trying to do the cut rate version now may spell disaster.

There is now well over a 10 month inventory of homes on the market in the Eugene and Springfield area.  This means that for buyers there is a great deal of inventory to choose from.  Prices are soft in many areas, so it still is the perfect time to buy a home.

Have An Awesome Week!