Good Monday Morning!

Spring is happening!  The flowers are beginning to bloom and the leaves are coming out on the trees.  It is the beginning of a gorgeous time of year.

The Eugene and Springfield Real Estate market also seems to be awakening from Winter.  There are more buyers out looking right now than there has been in months.  If this starts turning into sales, we should see a marked improvement in homes sales over the next several months.  Mortgage interest rates have been on a roller coaster ride over the past week, but still remain extremely favorable with 30 year fixed rates in the low 6% range.  Look for these rates to continue their up and down ride over the next few months.

One bit of interesting news is that the average time it takes a home to sell in our current market is 92 days.  The average time it is currently taking homes listed by the Galand Haas Team to sell is 54.4 days.  Strong and aggressive marketing makes a difference in this market.

Have An Awesome Week!