Happy Thanksgiving!

Recently, our local press has given some very biased views concerning our Real Estate market.  The truth is that our local market is fairing much better than many other parts of the country.  It is true that we are no longer in the hot Sellers market of 2006, but we are in the midst of one of the best opportunities for home buyers that our market has had in many years.  The local press has confused our local market with the national market and has not done a good job of giving a true picture of our local Real Estate market.  This kind of reporting can significantly influence a market.  The truth is that right now home buyers can easily get a home loan at a very attractive interest rate.  Home buyers also have the opportunity to choose from a greatly expanded inventory of homes for sale that are at more attractive prices than over the past several years.  The real truth is that we should now be in the hot Buyers market of 2007.

Have An Awesome Week!