Good Monday Morning!

The Fed has struck again!  This time the government has introduced a program to purchase $750 billion in mortgage backed securities.  The idea behind this is to lower mortgage interest rates. The program was announced last week and the immediate action has been favorable.  Wall Street responded favorably and 30 year conventional fixed rate mortgages also dropped to a level below 5%.  This rate is the lowest level in over 30 years.  For homebuyers this is even more favorable news. For those of you who read my e-mails, you know that I have been stating that this current market may be the best home purchase opportuity in most of our lifetimes.  I am now taking that statement to a new and higher level.  With the combination of extraordinary home pricing and historically low interest rates the situation for homebuyers may never be better.

Over the past several months I have been able to help many homebuyers who wanted to upgrade their home.  This is called a move up buyer.  This market is extremely favorable for move up buyers right now.  Yes, your home is not worth what it was a couple of years ago, but if you are upgrading to a more expensive home, that homes value has declined even more than your current home has.  In this kind of market move up buyers can achieve the purchase of the home of their dreams and earn some serious home equity at the same time.  If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch and I can help you with an assessment as to whether this would be a good move for you.

Have An Awesome Week!


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92850 RIVER RD, Junction City, Oregon

Price: $495,000.00

Beds: 4

Baths: 2

Sq Ft: 2580

Description: This secluded country home on a private drive has a modern open floor plan that features skylights, wood floors, custom lighting, spa room, soap stone wood stove and solar hot water. The spacious kitc ....

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