Galand Haas,

Good Monday Morning!

We are very clearly well into a buyers Real Estate market  with inventory of available homes for sale at 9.5 months.  6 months of inventory is the break off point between a sellers market and buyers market.

One thing that holds true for sellers in this current market is the fact that the agent you choose to represent your property can have an enormous effect on how long your home is on the market and the price it sells for.  This is certainly not the kind of market that you want to choose a Real Estate professional based on the price they say your home is worth.  When interviewing agents always look at the agents track record over the past 5 years.  Agents who have been in the business 10 years or longer have weathered slow markets before and have some experience with them.  Look at the agents statistics compared to the MLS averages.  The agent you speak with should know these statistics very well.  Make sure that your agent has an aggressive home marketing plan and that it focuses heavily on Internet marketing.  Discount brokers may struggle in this current market, so beware. 

An experienced agent can help you get top dollar for your property, even in this market.

Have An Awesome Week!