Good Monday Morning!

It was certainly a gorgeous Summer like weekend here in the Eugene and Springfield area.  It was just a teaser of what is coming in the months ahead.

The one thing that is certainly holding constant in this market is that if you are trying to sell your home, you will have to do everything just right.  You will need to price your home aggressively (below the values determined by the comparable sales), you must stage your home and having it looking better than your competitors and you then must promote it aggressively. If you do this you will have a fair chance of selling in this market.  If you do not you will be one of the homes that just sits and does not sell. This can be costly in a market that is continuing to decline in home values. Our current market is not for those who are just testing the waters. Selling your home in this market takes a full commitment to all of the factors mentioned. 

Have An Awesome Week!