Good Monday Morning!

The press has really given the Real Estate market a thrashing both locally and nationally.  Bad press keeps people from making good decisions out of fear.  The reality is not always what we perceive from the media.  Right now the opportunity for home buyers has not been better in the 20 years of my Real Estate career.  We have a very-very good inventory of well priced homes and mortgage interest rates that remain at extremely low levels.  We are finding tremendous home purchase opportunities for the few buyers we are working with.  We just keep hearing the same thing from potential home buyers.  "We are just going to wait until prices come down even more".  Well, maybe this will take place, but a rise in interest rates could quickly negate any continued drop in home values.  The truth is that we know we have a great buyer opportunity right now!  Trying to wait for the better deal is a real gamble.

Have An Awesome Week!