Good Monday Morning!

Saturday certainly gave a a sneak preview of Spring.  There is lots more of this weather on it's way.

"Don't look for any huge upswings in the Real Estate market nationally"!  This was the statement that was made over an over at the national Real Estate convention I attended last week.  This news is not all bad, because the culprit for our slower market is the fact that home prices have increased much faster than the buyers ability to purchase them has. Our current situation will slow that process down.  Most likely we will not see a strong market again until home prices and home buyers ability to purchase are in sync once again. 

This does mean that for home buyers today, there are bettter deals on homes and the prices will most likely be soft for some time to come.  For those selling a home this market demands proper home pricing. If sellers do not have their home priced in line with the market and the competion, their chances of selling will be slim.

Have An Awesome Week!