Good Monday Morning!

It looks like we have some better weather here for a few days!  We welcome what we can get this time of year.

In a recent report on the current national Real Estate market, it looks as if our current market situation may be around longer than we first thought.  It is now being predicted that our market down turn will most likely last for about 3 more years.  The part nobody can answer though is whether we have hit bottom yet or not.  It is possible that we have bottomed out and we will now just experience a flat market. Some experts believe it hinges on what happens with mortgage rates.  Any uptick in rates could set the market into further decline.  So, buyers who think they will wait this thing out longer and get an even better deal on a home purchase are gamblers. The combination of Lower prices and attractive mortgage interest rates may not improve from where they are today.

Have An Awesome Week!