Good Monday Morning!

Our gorgeous Spring weather continues.  It sure beats what the East Coast is having.

Each week I receive a list of the NOD (notice of default) properties in the Eugene and Springfield area.  Unfortunately, the size of this list continues to increase week after week.  This indicates that more and more people are finding it hard to make their monthly home payment and are falling behind on payments to a point that their lender starts the foreclosure process with this notice.  The national and local economy has created an environment where there are just more and more people losing their homes. The latest numbers out indicate that as many as 1 in four home owners could go into default.  

A home foreclosure is very damaging.  It is hard on people both emotionally and financially.  For many people there is a very good alternative to giving their home up through foreclosure.  This alternative is called "Short Sale".  A "Short Sale" is a process where the home owner sells their home and then they are able to negotiate with their lender to take a deficiency pay off on their mortgage.  Not only can a "Short Sale" allow the home owner to remain in their home during the time of negotiation, but a "Short Sale" can also allow the home owner to have a much less devastating impact on their credit.  Today, most lenders would prefer that the homeowner goes through a "Short Sale" rather than losing their home to foreclosure.

The process begins by the homeowner first determining whether they qualify for a "Short Sale".  The Galand Haas Team helps many homeowners with this process.  Once we determine if the homeowner qualifies for a "Short Sale", we then put the home on the market for sale. Once we have a sale then we begin the process of negotiating with the lender on the "Short Sale".  There are only a few Real Estate agents in or area with the experience to help homeowners with the "Short Sale" process.  We are experts at "Short Sales", so if there is anyone you know who is facing foreclosure, have them contact us.  We just may be able to save them from a horrible situation.  They can contact us directly or visit our website at

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Price: $485,000 Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Sq Ft: 2976
This beautiful home has a fantastic floor plan. It features wood floors, wall-to-wall carpet, skylights, canned lights, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, surround sound system, security system, vaulted ceilings, large bonus room. The mas...