Galand Haas,

Good Monday Morning!

Sunday's drizzle put the dampers on a nice weekend. It's looking up though, warm weather is here for the week

The inventory of homes for sale keeps piling up.  It looks like my prediction of a peak in inventory levels around mid June may be fairly close.  I would also predict that we will soon cross the magic 6 months of home for sale inventory line here in the Eugene and Springfield area.  This means that at the current rate of sales, it would take 6 months to exhaust the current inventory of homes for sale.  Six months is important because that is the dividing line between a buyers and sellers market.  6 months or less of inventory is a sellers market and 6 months or more is a buyers market.  This is good news for you prospective home buyers as mortgage interest rates also continue to be extremely favorable.

Have An Awesome Week!