Good Monday Morning!

It was an exciting Civil War football game on Saturday!  Thank goodness the storm did not arrive until Sunday.

National statistics show that we are currently in the largest housing slump in decades.  Locally, we are still on the positive side for home prices and even though the market has slowed we are not experiencing the same market conditions that many parts of the country are seeing.  This shows that there can be a significant difference in markets from area to area.

My experience to date has been that the homes we put on the market for sale will sell as long as the home is priced correctly for this market.  Homes with inflated sales prices will sit without selling.  Time on the market certainly is longer here, but the fact is that homes are selling and there are some whopping great buys out there if you are interested in purchasing a home.  Don't be afraid to take advantage of good local market.

Have An Awesome Week!