Well, gorgeous Fall weather returned to the Eugene and Springfield area for the weekend.  The forcast looks like more of the same for the remainder of the week.

When I speak to people and they ask me what my profession is of course I am always happy to let them know that I am a Real Estate Broker.  The reaction I get from that statement these days is interesting.  People's reaction to me telling them that I am a Realtor is typically the same as if I just told them that I had lost my job. This reaction is totally one of perception created by the media. The interesting thing to me is how the press has such an impact on people.  Yes, the Real Estate market is down, but it's certainly not dead.  The truth is that in the month of September our company had the best sales month we have ever had.  Now, take away the negative press and what you really have is a market of opportunity that nobody is talking about.  It is a market that an increasingly large number of savvy home buyers are discovering.  There is opportunity here today that you may not see again for years.

Have An Awesome Week!