Good Monday Morning!

It was an exciting weekend for college football with both Oregon and Oregon State posting wins over ranked teams and Oregon now climbing to the number 2 spot in the national polls and Oregon State to number 18!

Yes, the national Real Estate market in improving, but is it improving as much and as quickly as it should be. There is significant debate on this subject, but the fact is that overall the housing market is not responding at any kind of rapid pace.  Much of the blame here comes from the fact that mortgage loans are still relatively tough to obtain.  Only buyers with great credit scores get the best rates and many would be buyers are forced to come up with 20% downpayments with few other options.  Current restrictions on lending by the Federal Government have put a strangle hold on sensible lending and this has significantly curtailed home sales with the largest impact being noticed in the arena of new construction.

Strong recoveries from economic slow downs are always lead by housing.  Wouldn't you think that our current administration would be doing all that they can to encourage home sales and new construction rather than imposing regulations that do just the opposite?

Have An Awesome Week!

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