There's been a lot of debate about area streets this election year, and the city of Creswell is proposing a 3-cent-per-gallon gasoline tax to repair city streets needing repair.  The proposed Creswell tax would bring in an expected $180,000 from Creswell's two gas stations, which would more than replace the $145,000 no longer received in rural timber funds from the federal government. 

Although it's difficult to vote for new taxes, its important that we all find a way to maintain our community streets and real estate property values.  Street maintenence is an ongoing concern in every area across our country, and is a featured election point in Eugene's mayorial race between candidates Jim Torry and Kitty Pearcy. 

Gas taxes are currently collected in Coburg, Cottage Grove, Eugene, Oakridge, Springfield and Veneta, but local opinion appears mixed on the Creswell gas tax.  If the measure doesn't pass, we can expect the city to propose alternative funding since the problem will not go away.  When voting on measures like this, it's important that we ask ourselves to weigh the cost and benefits of maintaining and beautifying our communities.  Home prices, and real estate values are directly tied to our investment in infrastructure!

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