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"God is in the details."
~ Mies van der Rohe, architect
"The devil is in the details."
~ Unattributed
People often characterize themselves as either "big picture" or as "detail oriented." Truth be told, we need to be a little of both.
Accounting for the details often brings images of sweating over the small stuff. If we've got a good view of the big picture, why fret the details? Whether in an architectural rendering, or for a dinner party, or in a contract, details definitely help transform an idea into a full-blown reality. Just as importantly, the very thought that goes into those details gives us the opportunity to be creative in our actions. Our attention to “the little things” shows our craft with tools, our skill with clients, or our ability with language.
Some confuse detail with flash, but even the simplest home can still illustrate its detailing in how well it is constructed and how gracefully it uses space. A good manager understands how environment, scheduling, praise and celebration can increase morale and productivity.
By not letting the little things slip by us, we are able to gain a much deeper understanding of another person, a job at hand, and even ourselves. Such attention to detail is beneficial to everyone involved, and that's the point.
Forget those details and that’s when the devil appears! The Big Picture is an absolute necessity, yes. You’ve got to be able to visualize your goals. Just don't forget to plan for and paint in not only the necessary details, but also those that that reflect your personality through their beauty, art, and skill. If you can just work it through, you’ll find that sometimes your devils are really angels in disguise!

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